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“Pinterest is my Google.”

January 30, 2015, David Heitman
David Heitman

“Pinterest is my Google.” Thus said my 27 year-old daughter as we were talking about her online research, selection and purchase of a diaper bag.

The Power of Introvert

January 21, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

My wife and I recently attended an event celebrating Caribou Ranch Studio, where America’s top ‘70s and ‘80s bands and musical artists recorded…

When Questions Are Better Than Answers

November 20, 2014, David Heitman
David Heitman

It would seem that most of us have been conditioned to prefer answers to questions.

Creative Courage

October 21, 2014, T Taylor
T Taylor

New data from Forbes shows five reasons 80% of businesses fail. 1. Not really in touch with customers 2. No real differentiation in the market 3. Failure to communicate value propositions…

Google This

October 7, 2014, T Taylor
T Taylor

Warning. This is an unabashed commercial. After 23 years of running the Creative Alliance, surviving stage four cancer and getting past a variety of other obstacles, you can’t help realize that helping others is more rewarding than chasing the buck.

A Marketing Lesson from Italy

September 23, 2014, T Taylor
T Taylor

You can do more with less. Consider design hierarchy. Take advantage of focal points. Use restraint. In other words, put only one major work on a wall, or place only one statue in a room.

Two Words. Eight Letters.

September 19, 2014, David Heitman
David Heitman

Funny how new research so frequently validates what we already know. A new study suggests that two of the most powerful words in human relationships are “Thank you.” Not a shocker, but a good reminder.

Familiarity Breeds Sustainability

September 8, 2014, David Heitman
David Heitman

Familiarity is crucial to moving your audience from a mere testing/dating relationship to a more serious engagement. Becoming a customer’s good habit is a privilege…a very lucrative privilege.

Ebola, Sharks and Ferguson, Missouri

August 17, 2014, David Heitman
David Heitman

This past week’s news has been a living laboratory in media communications and the power of plausibility. News reporting—infused, confused and supercharged by social media—has created a broad spectrum of response

How NOT to Write Your Next Company Tagline

August 11, 2014, David Heitman
David Heitman

At one time or another, nearly every business contemplates the creation and use of a tagline—a statement aims to distill a company’s unique value proposition.

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