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What do you stand for?

April 26, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

My grandpa grew up in western Pennsylvania and worked in the coalmines. During the great depression it was a blessing to have a job, even if it meant working underground in the black soot of a dirty mine. But just More

They Laughed When I Started My Own Business, But Then I Started to Work!

April 1, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

Well first, my apologies to John Caples, the copywriter who in 1926 penned the headline, “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano, But When I Started to Play!” His ad became world famous and sold a ton of More

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

March 29, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

It doesn’t take a lot of words to move people. It’s finding the right ones and putting them in the right order that’s tricky. Take these six words often attributed to the famous writer Earnest Hemingway. He wrote them in More

I’m in a groove…or is it a rut?

March 22, 2016, Ace
Ace Van Wanseele

When I ordered my usual “grande, non-fat mocha, extra shot, no whip, please”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place seemed familiar: the iconic green mermaid; bustling, energetic, caffeinated baristas operating machines that steamed occasionally…

Brave New (Digital) World

February 23, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

Saturday my wife and I drove through Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. I don’t like driving at night and especially through jam-packed major cities. Thankfully we had “Shirley” with us. That’s the name we use for the voice of Google More

What will you do in 2016?

January 11, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

I’ll admit, I didn’t go to the Harvard Business School for my masters. But I feel I could teach there after 25 years in the trenches of business. What kind of business am I talking about? Well, not the Fortune 1000.

Curated Ecommerce: The Art of the Box

December 23, 2015, Jodee Goodwin
Jodee Goodwin

Curated ecommerce takes the work of choice out of the equation and pivots the online experience into a few questions that result in a highly personalized experience.

Discipline breeds freedom

November 16, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

The word discipline is often misunderstood. Most definitions say it’s “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”

What voices do you hear?

October 22, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

From the moment I saw The Night Watch painting by Rembrandt, I was hooked.

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

September 10, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

David Bowie’s song “Changes” has been on my mind all day. A few days ago, it was John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy” with his now famous, “Life is what happens…