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What will you do in 2016?

January 11, 2016, T Taylor
T Taylor

I’ll admit, I didn’t go to the Harvard Business School for my masters. But I feel I could teach there after 25 years in the trenches of business. What kind of business am I talking about? Well, not the Fortune 1000.

Curated Ecommerce: The Art of the Box

December 23, 2015, Jodee Goodwin
Jodee Goodwin

Curated ecommerce takes the work of choice out of the equation and pivots the online experience into a few questions that result in a highly personalized experience.

Discipline breeds freedom

November 16, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

The word discipline is often misunderstood. Most definitions say it’s “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”

What voices do you hear?

October 22, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

From the moment I saw The Night Watch painting by Rembrandt, I was hooked.

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

September 10, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

David Bowie’s song “Changes” has been on my mind all day. A few days ago, it was John Lennon’s song “Beautiful Boy” with his now famous, “Life is what happens…

The Power of Story

August 19, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

There’s an art to telling a good story, and even more so in writing a story. Most people will stay engaged if you tell them in person, but with words in type you need to work hard to engage them and keep their attention.

A Logo Design Lesson From the Confederate Flag Controversy

June 22, 2015, David Heitman
David Heitman

The tragically renewed controversy this week regarding the use of the Confederate battle flag posted outside the South Carolina state capitol offers an important lesson about the power of logos.

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The Power of Internal Branding

June 2, 2015, David Heitman
David Heitman

The effort to consciously cultivate this experience is often referred to as internal branding—a concept predicated on the belief that your employees are a key audience just as important to reach as your customers and prospects.

What did you expect?

May 22, 2015, T Taylor
T Taylor

Expectation. It comes up everywhere, everyday. Turns out, it’s a word with powerful emotional outcomes. It’s a belief about what might happen in the future. The idea stems from expectationem, the Latin word meaning “an awaiting.” From an early age, we await what we hope…

If Ad Agencies Are So Cool, Why Don’t People Like Them?

May 13, 2015, David Heitman
David Heitman

“Art for art’s sake” is just fine in the gallery world or in art school. But in the competitive, ROI-driven real world that company leaders live in, creativity had better yield measurable results.