Market Research

Market Research

Good market research—whether primary or secondary—enhances understanding and identifies opportunities to improve communications, minimize risk and maximize marketing success. This is important as an "insurance policy" to cover your bases and avoid any business or legal problems. It’s also needed to help direct and determine positioning, messaging and branding. When launching announcements or marketing campaigns, good research can help you know the direction of the industry, the competitive landscape, or just effective promotional offers.

Depending on the unique needs of our clients, Creative Alliance has performed a wide variety of Primary qualitative and quantitative research, including focus groups, interviews, legal, surveys and questionnaires (print and electronic). Other forms of research have been in direct response testing, where people "vote" on what they prefer by spending their dollars. This is the best, most accurate form of testing.

Much of our research is driven by a client’s budget and happens at the beginning of a client engagement in our Marketing Action Plan process. We always perform key leader and stakeholder questionnaires and face-to-face interviews. This can cover audience, competition and other stakeholder research. Most often we also perform Primary research via the web, including academic and/or market research and competitive analysis.

There are advantages to our research approach:

  • Cost-effective. Doesn’t take much time to get relevant data, valuable insights and observations
  • Addresses specific research issues, and we control the search design to fit a client’s needs
  • Controlled and focused on specific subjects, and how data is collected
  • Efficient in time spent, lowering costs for our clients
  • Proprietary and confidential. Client owns all research

Secondary research, or compiled reports like industry data, is always available for the right need and budget.