Public & Media Relations

Public & Media Relations

Connecting with customers and stakeholders through non-advertising venues is an extremely effective way to build your brand and connect with your audience. Through editorial placements, events, special promotions, charitable activities and other avenues, you can reach your audience in compelling ways that may be very cost-effective. PR also has tremendous implications for search engine optimization as releases published on other websites link back to one’s website. PR requires knowing which publications, blogs and websites are the most influential in each industry and then cultivating the relationships with key writers, bloggers and editors.

Our PR services include media list development, press release writing, press kit development, media training, landing editorial and speaking opportunities for our clients, trade show support, crisis communications, and investor relations, along with the many creative ways to create buzz about a company and its products or services. View our PR portfolio.

Our Approach To Public Relations

An essential device in the marketing toolkit, public relations is all about connecting with customers and stakeholders through non-advertising methods. PR is an extremely effective way to build your brand and connect with your audience, with the added benefit that it may be less expensive than traditional advertising.

What Is PR, Anyway?
While public relations still includes issuing press releases and securing editorial placements, The Creative Alliance brings a fresh perspective to the discipline. As we see it, PR also encompasses…

  • Events
  • Special promotions
  • Community building
  • Charitable activities
  • Elements of a company’s online presence
  • Market research that tells a story about a company’s product or services
  • User-generated content

…all tactics for businesses to build an authentic relationship with customers and prospective customers.

Executives increasingly see the value of PR, too. In a recent Harris Interactive survey, 84 percent of executives agreed that public relations helps raise awareness about important issues the public might not know about, and 81 percent said they believe it helps get the media to address issues that would otherwise fail to get the attention they deserve.

Public Relations, The Creative Alliance Way, Is…
Communicating directly with the audience
Connecting with influencers of all kinds

Sending a press release and calling it a day
Talking only to the “official” press