Chameleon-Like Strength

by T Taylor

Chameleons are oddly-original creatures. They come in a range of colors, including pink, turquoise, yellow, blue, red, orange and green. Chameleons are distinguished by their zygodactylous feet (two toes facing forward and two back), their separately mobile, stereoscopic eyes (binocular-like vision) and their long, highly-modified, rapidly extrudable tongues (watch out, insects!). To top it off, they have a swaying gait, a prehensile tail (great for hanging on things), and horns on their strangely shaped heads. The odd part—if that isn’t odd enough—is that chameleons are actually best known for changing their color to look like their surroundings.

Adapting to their environment has kept this miniature dinosaur alive for thousands, if not millions of years.

Have we humans evolved as much?
We were talking this morning about our strengths as a company. People on the outside might think of qualities like: processing creative ideas, talent, marketing knowledge, imagination, implementation, etc. We would hope these core skills would be “up there” on the strength meter, as well.

But as we talked, it became pretty clear that it was more about how we adapt to our clients’ businesses—their industry, nuances, personal preferences, habits and even idiosyncrasies—that make us valued and appreciated.

We have about 10-15 active clients, and not one of them is the same. What unites them is their entrepreneurial leadership, passion and vision for their business. Outside of that, their “colors” are as different as the light spectrum will allow.

What makes us uniquely special—or even oddly-original—is our strange ability to learn, understand and act of behalf of these diverse clients; enough to help them achieve their wildest dreams and objectives. Yes, the The Creative Alliance has chameleon-like strength. Everyday we change into different colors to adapt for our clients. And every so often, we may even show off our zygodactylous feet, stereoscopic eyes and extrudable tails.

If only to make it all come together and work.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot
change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw



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