Attitude is everything

by T Taylor

Most of us go through 12 to 16 years of school in our lives.

Once in the business world, we find that we need to continue learning to stay sharp and effective. So, when I came across this statement “attitude is everything,” I thought, is it really?
If it is truly that important then why aren’t schools teaching it? Why aren’t businesses demanding it? Why aren’t parents modeling it, and why aren’t kids aspiring to it?

And by “it” I mean good and positive attitudes.

What exactly is attitude? One definition says it this way: “manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind.”

My old boss at CareerTrack, Jimmy Calano told me once that when he hired people, he would always check their resume, cover letter, work, references, etc.—then hire the person he liked the most.

Robb High, the agency expert on presentations says that businesses ultimately pick an agency because they like them, and not because of their work.

In talking to our clients, and as we build surveys for them, we often cite Frederick Reichheld’s landmark article in the Harvard Business Review where he explains: The top-ranking survey question that actually correlates customer sentiment with business success is: How likely is it that you would recommend a company to a friend or colleague?

Recommend why? Because you liked them. It wasn’t a “company” but the people in the company. It was a feeling, a manner, a disposition…

I see it all the time, and we do the same thing. When people are hired, given contracts, raises, promotions, bonuses, etc., it’s really because of their likeability; their attitude.

Can attitude be taught? Perhaps. But more than taught, it can be and should be modeled. Living with a great attitude is a secret to successful business and life.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” –Zig Ziglar