Left To Our Own Devices

by T Taylor

The poem goes something like this…

“Lovers walk in the park, staring into a screen
Bumps into a jogger, not seeing so keen
Cubes in the office, pics change in a flash
Not knowing who’s tweeting, who cares in the mash
It’s so important! So now and consuming!

She’s texting while driving, now smothered with blood
I should have honked—I’m such a dud
In the ER lobby folks are consumed with their phones
The Doc says she’ll make it, so I Facebook her drones
Is it real? That happened so fast.

Now back at our flat we gaze as we tap
Is this now our life, or is this a big trap?”

Sometimes I think we are more than distracted. We are missing out.

Stop and smell the roses? Try it and see. This world is much better than 3D,
HD, LED, or even your YouTube reality show. Nothing beats the real thing.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”
– Abraham Lincoln