It’s About the Story, Not the Technology

April 8, 2014
David Heitman

In a recent interview with Marketplace, Pixar chief Ed Catmull shared some insights that anyone in the creative or marketing fields would find valuable. Despite Pixar’s renown as digital animators and the producers of the first feature-length, digitally created movie—Toy More


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After two decades of working with visionary companies, you can’t help but learn a thing or two.

For starters, that success comes in many flavors: increased revenues…larger market share…a more authentic and valuable brand…a more profitable exit strategy. However you define success, it seems marketing always has a role to play. We’ve seen that a business succeeds when big creative ideas are intelligently applied across multiple communication platforms—Web, mobile, PR/social media, lead generation, digital advertising, promotions and events. Do that consistently, and you can blow past your competitors and lead your industry. We’ve done it for dozens of visionary companies over the years. We can do it for you too.

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