Two Words. Eight Letters.

September 19, 2014
David Heitman

Funny how new research so frequently validates what we already know. A new study suggests that two of the most powerful words in human relationships are “Thank you.” Not a shocker, but a good reminder. It’s about not taking others for granted.


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For starters, you learn that success comes in many forms: increased revenue…larger market share…a more authentic, valuable brand…a more profitable exit strategy. However you define success, marketing always has a vital role to play. We’ve seen that a business succeeds in its marketing efforts when big creative ideas are intelligently applied across multiple communication platforms—Web, mobile, print, social media, PR, advertising and events. Do this consistently, and you can blow past your competitors, achieve your goals and have fun doing it. We’ve helped dozens of visionary organizations achieve this level of transformation. We can do it for you.

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