Science & Technology

What industry isn’t technology? Businesses with new and better ways to do things are leaders in both thought and action. Engineers, scientists, digital innovators—these are drivers in the new economy. Ask good questions and listen. Obtaining mindshare quickly is key. In fact, big creative ideas are needed to make the complicated look and sound simple. But isn’t that the role of every creative group?

Success Story

Making flowers fun. Floral genetics? Yeah, we never knew either. Fischer USA was a German-based grower and distributor of Geraniums and Poinsettias. Working with a fun and imaginative leader paved the way for breakthrough creative and results-driven direct response programs. Fischer grew their world-class genetics and business so well that they merged with brand leader Goldsmith Seeds to create the Goldfisch brand.

A blooming success. Goldfisch became a dominant player in the floral industry through a strong understanding of customer data and competitive market analysis. Their sales collateral, advertising, catalogs and direct response programs became the talk of the floral world. Using a blossoming brand to showcase their products and services, they racked up impressive numbers. Goldfisch was soon purchased by a Fortune 500 horticulture business.

Client portrait

Astonished at the Quality
“Our clients and customers are astonished at the quality of the marketing The Creative Alliance does for us. And I hear our competitors say that they can’t compete with us anymore.”

—Gary Falkenstein, Fischer USA