Consumer Goods

Seth Godin wrote, “A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” This is particularly true with product marketing. Whether you are designing packaging, retail displays, support material or advertising, today’s consumer has a cultural instinct for quality, is more aware of everything and can be reached in too many ways to count.

Success Story

B.W. Cooper's logo

Extraordinary teas from around the world. Meet Barry Cooper (Sean Connery’s doppelgänger). A legendary tea master from Africa, Barry has spent a lifetime searching the world for the best tasting teas. The result: B.W. Cooper’s Iced Brew Tea, premium teas brewed and blended with cane sugar and natural flavors. You don’t need to read tea leaves to know that Cooper teas are tops in restaurants, cafes and other shops nationwide.

Competing with the world’s biggest brands. After branding B.W. Cooper’s tea business, Barry challenged us to create a new consumer brand for 7-Eleven. With their crowded iced tea offering, we studied high-energy drinks and determined that Barry’s black tea had more “energy” than the chemical-laden energy drinks. We conducted focus groups to create a new product that featured the world’s first all-natural, high-energy tea. Through research, branding, pitch books and good fortune, Bazza was born and 7-Eleven had a winner.

Client portrait

Created My Brand Story
“The Creative Alliance developed Bazza into a national brand by using some great research, telling my story and packaging the product in a phenomenal way. A truly wonderful achievement!”

—Barry Cooper, CEO, Cooper Tea