Business to Business

There’s a resurgence in B2B marketing. With an endless stream of digital tools available, the most popular areas are in lead generation and marketing automation. These deliver strong ROI for businesses who make the commitment. Event and content marketing can also build awareness and thought leadership. And, as inbound has turned the tables on outbound marketing, effective use of SEO/SEM is always essential.

Success Story

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Revitalizing an old brand. Birko was a food safety business going downhill. It had been a proud family-run business for 60 years, using outdated communications and showing dwindling sales. When we interviewed their senior team, we identified numerous opportunities. Together we developed a strategic plan that set them on the right course—and within the year their top and bottom lines were soaring in the right direction.

Protecting the food chain. With the trust of a visionary CEO, we completely transformed this chemical producing vendor to the meat industry into a modern Protein, Produce and Brewery food safety powerhouse. Following a plan, we developed a Fortune 500-looking brand with key messages featuring chemistry, equipment and technology. We then created a flywheel effect using and measuring digital content with seamless integration. Within three years Birko became a world leader in food safety.

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Double-Digit Growth
“TCA is one of the primary reasons that we’ve been so successful in accomplishing a double-digit growth in the last few years—and really telling the Birko story to our primary customer base. We are enjoying a great deal of success.”

—Mark Swanson, CEO, Birko