Digital Advertising & Marketing

Make a Big Impact, Maximize Your ROI

Digital advertising can contribute to a flywheel effect where all the parts contribute to visibility, brand reinforcement, thought leadership, conversions and sales. Based on select demographic, psychographic, geographic parameters and intent, The Creative Alliance offers a broad suite of digital marketing solutions.

That said, it also involves a lot of testing for response, comparing of results and ongoing adjustment of the platforms, creative and cadence of the various components. But once you get it right, digital advertising can be instrumental in bolstering visibility, brand reinforcement, thought leadership, conversions and sales.

Content Marketing & Lead Generation

Content marketing leverages educational and relevant content to attract and retain new customers. We help our clients capitalize on their content by using valuable original material as downloads that require interested parties to provide contact information. This creates a database of contacts for lead generation and to supplement marketing automation efforts. Other key content can be used in email campaigns, landing pages and in social media to create a flywheel effect of thought leadership, increased visibility and customer acquisition.


Drive more and better traffic to your website from search engine optimization (SEO). Our process envolves a purposeful keyword strategy and website development practices that maximize SEO. Our approach combines website optimization with directory listings and links on other websites, as well as paid search engine marketing (SEM, e.g., Google AdWords). For maximum impact, SEO is fostered in conjunction with complementary public relations and social media marketing campaigns to create a highly visible online presence that reaches our clients’ target audiences.

Digital Display Advertising

Digital display ads can be seen throughout the web in a variety of sizes and formats from desktop to tablet to phones. Targeting examples include: by publication, behavioral, contextual, look-alike audiences, geo-targeting and remarketing, to name a few. Since The Creative Alliance has vendor relationships that allow access to 98% of the World Wide Web, we ensure that all media dollars are maximized for optimal effectiveness. In addition, we provide regular reporting and analysis to determine adjustments for increased ROI.

Digital Retargeting

Digital retargeting makes it possible for your company’s advertisements to “follow” website visitors across the Internet as well as other applications. The goal is to casually remind site visitors of your product or service and encourage them to return to your site and take action. Retargeting is low cost, offering higher conversion rates and improved ROI. In our busy, chaotic lives, retargeting is a key tool in the digital advertising toolbox for any company.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective, highest targeted and most easily measured way to reach your audience. We equip clients to participate in strategic, thoughtfully executed social media efforts. We also make sure that social media efforts function synergistically with other PR and marketing programs so that they reinforce your brand. When your reputation is on the line in the sometimes raucous, always expanding universe of social media, you’ll benefit from our expertise in reputation management.

Video & Multimedia Advertising

Video advertising—the fastest growing digital medium—is a compelling way to deliver interesting content and create loyal followers. Video allows for a creative mix of sights, sounds, animation, live action and special effects that can tell a story that engages people in ways that only words simply can’t. Video advertising is available in a variety of formats including YouTube, video display ads, Facebook, interactive landing pages, kiosks, digital in-store signage and more.

We also track results and provide detailed reporting on response so you know how your marketing efforts are performing, as well as your return on investment. Contact us to learn how we can grow your brand awareness and sales.

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