What Is a Design System and Why Is It Important to You?

A design system is a set of practices and standards a company uses in designing and developing products, apps, and its website. While it’s not a programming language, a design system is a verbal and visual vocabulary that makes communicating about projects much easier.

What Marketers Need To Know About Privacy Regulations

New privacy regulations will require a significant culture shift for in-house marketing teams, marketing agencies, and anyone who seeks to engage with consumers. But that’s nothing new. Marketers are agile by nature. They have to be to keep up with continually evolving market preferences, new marketing-related technology and tactics, etc.

User Onboarding: Essential to a Positive Initial Experience

You’ve probably heard the term “onboarding” in the context of hiring. There it refers to getting a new employee acclimated to your company to help them be happy and successful in their role. However, onboarding is also essential to success in another area. User onboarding is the process of introducing someone to a digital experience like an app or website—what we’ll call a “product.”

2023 Marketing: 8 Crucial Insights for the Year Ahead

For marketers, every new year delivers new challenges and opportunities. But most marketing pros will agree that the amount of change from one year to the next is increasing faster than ever.

In-Product Microsurveys: What They Are and Why They’re Effective

To be successful in business, you’ve got to understand your audience and how they feel about your products. Simply guessing at their preferences often leads to poor performance and missing sales targets.

Service Design: Creating the Optimal Holistic Experience

Happy customers, clients, and employees have always been essential to a company’s success. However, businesses today are more focused than ever on creating designs that deliver outstanding user experiences.

Ethical Design: How Creating Ethical Products and Services Benefits Customers and Your Business

Effective user experience (UX) design meets user needs—enabling users to navigate a website or product easily, find the information they require, perform necessary actions, etc. At the same time, a good UX design helps a business achieve its goals, including things like capturing more leads, raising awareness, or generating more sales.

UX and ROI: How User Experience Research, Strategy, and Design Affects Your Bottom Line

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s harder than ever to set your company apart from the competition. Product and service offerings are so similar in many cases that you’ve got to find an additional way to differentiate your business. Increasingly, that differentiator is user experience (UX).

Customer Service KPIs: What Are Your KPIs Saying About Your User Experience Design?

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a frantic call from a customer, you know that it takes a great deal of patience and understanding to de-escalate the situation, address their concerns, and turn their disappointment into delight at a satisfactory resolution. It also takes a great deal of empathy, which is an important common thread between great customer service and exceptional user experience (UX) design.