Brave New (COVID) World

Doing business changed out of necessity. And everyone seemed to be in the same situation, so, in a way, it was a level playing field. We called each other and our stakeholders, and our communications became more natural. Instead of our face-to-face meetings, we held Zoom meetings—and business started feeling like it was getting back to normal.

3 Rules for Hiring the Right Marketing Firm

You need marketing help, so how do you find the right group? You might spend lots of time searching, reading, calling, interviewing and even hiring—only to wonder, or worse, worry, that you made a big mistake. I’ve been the owner of a marketing firm for 28 years. I never went to school to be in […]

The Viking Conquest

Over a thousand years ago, the Vikings sailed their long ships throughout Western Europe. They braved the seas and glided over the river systems, conquering wherever they went. Today, you see a bigger, sleeker and much friendlier version taking over the cruising world. In 2011, we saw our first of many Viking River Cruise commercials […]

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

A few years back, my nephew told me how he learned to fly planes. With a variety of planes and airports programmed into his training software, he showed me what an actual pilot flying a plane would see and use. He said pilots could set a course on the program, and the plane could basically fly itself. Thankfully, he sat next to me as I landed a 747 into LAX, successfully. Whew!

Sales Strategy: Create a Buyer-Centric Experience Where Customers Find You!

Welcome to the new era, and the next evolution in the sales process. Where loyal customers are defined not by their purchases alone, but by their whole customer journey. Where do effective lead generation and sales strategies go from here?

Need Leads? Maximize Your ROI Through a Lead Generation Process That Works

Generating quality business sales leads that convert into customers is the lifeblood for companies that hope to survive in today’s competitive B2B and B2C environments.

Why Local Search Marketing is Good for Your Bottom Line

Local search marketing: what it is, how it works, and its importance in your marketing mix.

Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Implementation With a Marketing Checklist

Our inbound marketing checklist will keep you on task, and help give you a roadmap for success.

Mobile First Design: Responsive, Relevant, Receptive and Realistic

From social to shopping, we use our phones to stay in touch, stream content, post updates and make buying decisions. Think responsive design!