Becoming a Client

What is it Like to Partner With The Creative Alliance?

If you’re visiting our website, it’s probably for one of two reasons: You’re looking to hire a marketing firm for the first time, or you’re rethinking the relationship you have with your current one.

Tell us your story. What’s important to you? Where would you like to see your business to go? What would you like to achieve through marketing?

It’s important to know what it would be like for you and your organization to have The Creative Alliance as your strategic marketing partner.

Our promises to you:

You will get an experienced team that has a proven track record of success.

We will look out for your best interests at all times.

You will benefit from a unique balance of veteran wisdom and youthful talent.

We will listen and develop marketing that answers your questions and achieves your goals.

You will get a marketing “partner” and not a “vendor.”

We will be honest and transparent with you at all times. Your information will be held in confidence.

You will appreciate the transparency in how we bill for our time and talent.

We will view your marketing budget as a stewardship to achieve a maximum return on your investment.

You will enjoy working with us.

We will apply the principle of measure twice—cut once. In other words, good strategic planning should precede any action.

If this sounds like the kind of relationship you are looking for, let’s talk.

We’d love to hear your story. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Thank you!