Search engine optimization (SEO) & Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEO/SEM: Key Elements of An Integrated Marketing Approach

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are essential elements of an integrated, strategic marketing approach for businesses of all sizes, in both B2B and B2C environments. Powerful SEO is composed of three key elements: 1) website optimization, 2) paid SEM, and 3) directory listings and links on other websites. Working in combination, these tactics contribute to the kind of widespread and relevant online presence that is readily found by search engines.

To drive powerful search engine optimization (SEO)—that is, to drive more and better traffic to our clients’ websites from search engine results—we employ a purposeful keyword strategy and website development practices that maximize SEO. We also “retrofit” existing sites to improve SEO. Our approach combines website optimization with directory listings and links on other websites, as well as paid search engine marketing (SEM, e.g., Google AdWords). For maximum impact, SEO is fostered in conjunction with complementary public relations and social media marketing campaigns to create a highly visible online presence that reaches our clients’ target audiences.

Website Optimization

The Creative Alliance employs a thoughtful keyword approach and up-to-the-minute development practices to optimize websites (new and existing) for organic SEO. We pay careful attention to ensuring that sites also are developed to ensure maximum impact of paid SEM efforts.

Paid SEM

Paid search engine marketing (e.g., Google AdWords) complements organic search engine results by helping companies “own” the top of the search engine results page. The Creative Alliance enables our to clients get both the organic and paid components of SEO optimized for maximum results.

Directory Listings & Links

SEO is fostered in great measure by having numerous—and relevant—citations across the Internet. The Creative Alliance helps clients gain listings on appropriate directories. We also identify partners, vendors, professional organizations and other opportunities for linked listings that contribute to SEO.

Public Relations

PR can play a significant role in developing and sustaining SEO, as online news items, announcements about events and other PR outcomes contribute to a comprehensive online presence that enhances SEO. The Creative Alliance offers the full range of PR services to help clients build their brands and connect with their audiences—while improving SEO.

Social Media

Like PR, social media marketing can play an important role in building SEO. Participation in forums, blogs, social networking sites and related social media can significantly increase an organization’s presence across the Internet. The Creative Alliance helps our clients achieve the benefits and mitigate the risks of social media marketing—where user-generated content is king—equipping them to participate online in strategic, well-branded and thoughtfully executed ways.

An Integrated Approach

What sets The Creative Alliance apart is helping clients plan for and systematically execute a strategic mix of online visibility, customer communications and PR activities. When these three factors function synergistically, it creates a flywheel effect of greater recognition and response to drive company growth.