Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Generate & Close More Leads

Email marketing is still one of the simplest and most effective communication tools, even with all of the new marketing methods available today. Research from Experian found that $1 invested in email marketing initiatives still yields roughly $44.25 return for marketers. This illustrates consumers’ familiarity and comfort with email, as well as the universality of this marketing medium.

Email—A Perfect Tool for Lead Generation

Use email marketing to keep in touch with your customers and contacts via email campaigns, drip campaigns, newsletters and other resources. Emails can also can be used to stay top of mind with customers, share helpful tips on how to get the most out of your product, remind them of items they left in their shopping cart as well as exclusive deals. Responsive emails that are easy to read no matter the device are important in the mobile world we live in.

Nurture Leads With Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing channels using personal and behavioral data about your contacts to drive leads deeper into the sales cycle. Effective marketing automation emails pay careful attention to brevity, subject line, imagery, call-to-action and social integration. Email campaigns can be enriched with educational tools like white papers and webinars to teach customers about your product and how it can benefit their company. Finally, campaign data can be leveraged to learn more about your buying cycle and effectively target new customers.

Lead Generation & Conversion Tracking

Get more leads and close deals faster when you identify the source of sign-ups and sales on your website. Whether it’s from a paid marketing campaign or other channels, The Creative Alliance can determine what is and isn’t working, thus helping you focus your marketing efforts to maximize conversions. When you learn what your customers like, and deliver relevant, engaging, socially connected content, you can create stronger relationships.

Salesforce & Other CRMs

We support Salesforce and other CRMs with branded email templates and other visual assets to ensure a consistent brand and great user experience. Our websites are developed to connect to CRMs and feed form submission data directly into the CRM, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. In addition, The Creative Alliance will work closely with your team to review data and make adjustments to create a seamless digital journey.