Strategic Planning

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Planning is the key to making smart decisions and getting the best ROI from your marketing budget. For many 10 years, we’ve developed some of the best planning tools available to small and midsize businesses. Our strategic planning process, called a Marketing Action Plan (MAP), is the hallmark service we provide for visionary leaders who are looking to grow their business.

This action-oriented process gets right to the heart of the most important matters, and provides clear and simple direction to help CEOs, presidents, owners, marketing executives and key staff members achieve their desired results. Unlike most traditional marketing plans that are expensive, take months to complete—and typically end up in a bulky three-ring binder that never gets read or implemented—our MAP approach is efficient, fast and easy on the budget. It normally addresses specific marketing activities for the next 18 – 24 months, while laying the foundation for future efforts.

The Creative Alliance MAP process consists of three steps:

  1. Discovery and Research—We start with a conversation with the CEO, president, owner and key executives to better understand their business and industry, followed by interviews and questionnaires to select stakeholders, a marketing audit if necessary, competitive intelligence, and the right amount of primary and secondary research to understand specific marketing challenges and opportunities.
  2. Creative Collaboration—Next, we facilitate a series of planning sessions focused on big picture strategic issues and branding along with tactical brainstorming.
  3. MAP— The initial draft of the MAP is prepared, outlining key marketing recommendations and actionable initiatives. After a round or two of feedback and refinement, we confirm the final version’s timelines, budgets and assignments of responsibilities. We often prepare an executive summary for clients to share with their employees to help everyone get on the same page.

This results-oriented planning process has taken numerous companies to their next level in their journeys.