Strategic Planning:  Measure Twice, Cut Once

As Stephen Covey famously said, “Start with the end in mind.” Our process at The Creative Alliance begins with strategic planning. We know that our clients are interested in both the increased revenue potential and the lasting value of their companies. As a result, our approach to marketing begins with a long-term view of things, including the ultimate result of a positive succession strategy.

History has shown that if a company takes the time to do some solid planning on the front end, the ultimate vision has a better chance of being realized down the road. Our planning process has been a crucial element in helping companies in a wide range of industries grow their revenues, launch new products and services, revitalize tired brands or prepare for a merger or acquisition.

No One Comes to Us Just to Stay the Course

As a transformational creative agency, we realize that good strategic planning requires a willingness for both the client and us to suspend assumptions, challenge conventional thinking and evaluate a wide range of risks and opportunities. It’s the only way that meaningful and measurable improvement can be cultivated.

Research is Crucial

We believe in research as a worthwhile endeavor for understanding the ever-changing landscape that our clients face. With objective data obtained through primary and secondary research, as well as trend-spotting within a particular industry, we help our clients discover new insights that can shape strategy and focus the marketing efforts they deploy.

Objectivity in Our Recommendations

We are not beholden to any one form of marketing. We explore the potential benefits of digital and offline efforts, PR, advertising, social media, events, video/multimedia, direct response and many other tactics. We don’t take media commissions, so if we recommend advertising it will be because it’s the smart thing for you to do, not because we get a commission check. This kind of objectivity ensures that your marketing dollars are maximized for connecting with your audience and achieving your goals.

Internal Marketing

We also address the internal marketing and branding issues an organization faces, realizing that your best brand advocates are your employees. Company culture is a bigger factor in customer retention than most people realize. We help you equip your employees to become brand ambassadors to your prospects and customers.

A Collaborative Environment

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about our process is that despite being serious about your success, we make it enjoyable. We’re easy to work with, and we realize that some of the best ideas will come from you, not us, and that an open, collaborative environment will yield the best results. We can’t count the number of times that our clients have remarked to us that the hard work of strategic planning had been so enjoyable for them.