Strategic Planning is Our Strength

We start with the end in mind. Our process at The Creative Alliance is founded upon strategic planning. We assume that visionary CEOs, presidents and business owners are interested in creating lasting value for their companies and sustainable revenue for their stakeholders. Thus our approach to marketing begins with a long-term view of things.

Good Design Wins

Because we work strategically first, our award-winning graphic design talents are not wasted on “design for design’s sake,” but rather carefully orchestrated to increase the client’s brand value and sales revenue. We believe good design wins more customers than bad design, but the creative is always rendered in service to our clients’ business objectives.

Research is Crucial

We believe in research as a valuable tool for understanding the ever-changing landscape of the marketplace. With accurate data obtained through primary and secondary research, as well as trend-spotting within a particular industry, profitable opportunities can be seized. By working with The Creative Alliance, you’ll see new insights turned into competitive advantages for your business.

Marketing Dollars Are Maximized

We are not beholden to any one form of marketing. We explore the potential benefits of public relations, advertising, social media, events, video/multimedia, direct response and many other disciplines. We don’t take media commissions. If we recommend advertising, it will be because it’s the smart thing for you to do, not because we get a commission. This objective approach ensures your marketing dollars are maximized for connecting with your audience.

We Help You Connect

We also address the internal marketing and branding issues of an organization, realizing that your best brand ambassadors are your employees. Company culture is a bigger factor in customer retention than most people realize. We help you connect with your employees, along with prospects, customers and other stakeholders, with ongoing communications to become your brand advocates.

A Collaborative Environment

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about our process is that despite being deadly serious about your success, we make it enjoyable to do business with us. We’re easy to work with, and we realize that some of the best ideas will come from you, not us, and that an open, collaborative environment will yield the best results.

Marketing Action Plan (MAP) Process

Classic marketing plans: Big, time-consuming and complex. The problem is these behemoths are usually housed in three-ring binders that never leave the shelf or get read once completed and unfortunately rarely get implemented.

But a few years ago, we were challenged by a client to write a plan on one page. He wanted a plan that everyone in his organization could read, remember and execute. We tried to do this, but ended up with a 65-page plan—still a feat in itself as his team wanted secondary research, timelines, calendars and budgets, plus specific details on every strategy and tactic. But it was a step in the right direction. He ended up using the plan to help sell the business for a record amount!

Since then, we have greatly improved and simplified the strategic planning process by learning what works, what doesn’t, and fine-tuned the details to help any business—no matter how unique—achieve its goals. Now, after developing and implementing dozens of such plans, we have seen amazing results.

We call this proprietary process a Marketing Action Plan, or MAP, because it creates an action-oriented roadmap that covers all the important areas, allows for teamwork and collaboration, maximizes marketing budgets and uses everyone’s precious time more effectively. The result? You get a plan that people read, remember and are excited to implement. The MAP is thus a powerful internal branding resource for staff and stakeholders, as it lays a clear foundation for brand alignment and advocacy.