Customer Experience and Online Reviews

by Jodee Goodwin

I recently went on vacation to Paradisus all-inclusive family resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. My family and I enjoyed one of the best vacations we have ever had. 

Everyone goes on vacation with the hope of relaxation, good food and a stress free experience. Paradisus has put an elaborate customer experience model in place at their resort to ensure customers enjoy total relaxation. They truly understand the importance of a delightful experience and the impact it can make on business growth and positive reviews. This is clear by the fully booked status they have enjoyed.

“Surrender to an unforgettable experience of pure freedom.”  

Customer Journey

Paradisus’ marketing strategy is a positive customer experience and they make sure that every customer touchpoint fulfills that promise. They have taken the time to evaluate all types of interactions and train employees how to respond accordingly. Similar to Disney, they have created an atmosphere of rewarding excellence and going above and beyond to delight customers. One way they delight customers is with their unique resort bracelets that break the mold of the paper wrist band by replacing them with a nice bracelet that is more comfortable and visually appealing. 

Family Concierge

Paradisus has created a family concierge with staff that is dedicated to taking away the stress of scheduling dinner reservations and other activities. They provide everything a family needs for a perfect vacation and have perfected the ultimate experience of allowing their guests to just be and enjoy the sun, activities, food and nightlife. 

Happy Employees

The experience does not stop at the family concierge but is upheld by every single member of their staff. Their staff smile when you walk past. Waiters ask how your trip is going and if there is anything they can do to enhance your dining experience. They love kids and smile and play with them. There are no clocks anywhere in the resort. If you ask for the time they joke about time not mattering. Relax and just be. Happy employees are a sign of good employee benefits and management behind the scenes. If you want your employees to provide a good customer experience, it’s important for them to have a good experience being employed by your company.


Online Reviews

Everyone looks at reviews whether they are buying clothes online, looking to purchase a new car or going on a vacation. Reviews are used when people are in stores to search different products to decide what to buy. They are also used when doing research online to decide which company is more reliable and provides better customer service. Reviews are the heartbeat of the internet and Google has recognized this with their recent algorithm updates in favor of reviews. 

The challenge for businesses is getting reviews. Customers are asked for product purchase reviews on a daily basis. Many people are busy and either don’t have the time to provide reviews or don’t care. So how do you encourage customers to provide reviews without bribing them with offers? Provide an overwhelmingly positive experience that compels them to want to recommend your product and company to everyone they can. Then make it easy for them to provide that review by giving them easy access to your review page on Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor or the appropriate review platform for your business. 

Paradisus casually reminds visitors to recommend them on Trip Advisor all over the resort. It can be seen in metal plaques with a QR code placed everywhere including bathrooms, digital signage, bookmarks left in rooms and at restaurants and a variety of other mediums. The overwhelming positive customer experience is what compels so many customers to go online to review Paradisus. They were awarded TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers Choice award. Paradisus has 3,948 reviews on TripAdvisor and 2,938 are an excellent rating. 

Paradisus has proven that positive customer experience is key to a thriving company that beats out competition and rises above.