“If Your Organization Did Not Exist…”

by David Heitman

We’re feeling grateful to have recently landed three new clients who are arguably the thought leaders in their respective fields: an electronic medical records (EMR) innovator; a modular casework manufacturer; and an IT services pioneer. All are poised for dramatic—not merely incremental—revenue growth.

We’ve been inspired by their vision…and just a little intimidated by their genius.

Our work consists in distilling these companies’ innovative leadership into unique messaging capable of gaining traction with their audiences. Beyond having developed superior products and services, they still need to compete for mindshare and brand recognition.

As we do our discovery process with these smart people, we always end up identifying the one indispensable thing they bring to their customers and prospects—the one thing that their industries would be diminished by if our clients did not exist.

Only true market leaders can claim this rarified air, but any company that takes the time to dig deeply into its core values and unique virtues can potentially reach this pinnacle.

One of the ways we jumpstart the conversation that leads to this kind of brand discovery is:

“If your organization did not exist, what would the world be missing?”

The answer to that question is at the heart of a company’s brand. If it can’t be answered, perhaps more work needs to be done defining exactly what the organization really does best.

Another question we ask is:

“What values are you willing to hold at all costs, even if it means losing business?”

While this is essentially an ethical question, asking it has enabled us to uncover the foundation of a client’s brand, and position them uniquely within their market space. Whether it’s an unrelenting commitment to the quality of their product or the superiority of their service culture, there is always something that leads to an authentic brand that can be communicated with passion and credibility.

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