The Creative Alliance Creates Interactive Storytelling Landing Pages

by The Creative Alliance

Today’s innovative marketers are using the power of interactive storytelling to help their brands stand out online. And one online storytelling format that works really well is the landing page—a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement.

We recently created two landing pages for our client, Gogo Business Aviation, the leading provider of in-flight connectivity solutions for major aircraft OEMs and large fractional ownership fleets.

“Brand marketing has transformed from traditional, sales-focused messaging to interactive storytelling,” said Jodee Goodwin, the UX designer and vice president of creative and digital at The Creative Alliance. “These Gogo pages are a good example of how marketers can connect with prospects through an engaging, educational format focused on the customer’s pain points.”

5 Ways Wi-Fi Improves the In-flight Experience for Light Aircraft

An educational and engaging interactive light jet infographic with moments of small animation to delight the user and engage them as they learn about how Wi-Fi improves the in-flight experience. As the user scrolls down the page the light jet flies through the content. The landing page uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) animation and JavaScript for smaller files sizes and to optimize load time. Experience the light jet infographic.


Get Ready for the New Gogo Biz 4G

Gogo Biz will triple existing Gogo Biz data speeds and allow business travelers to take their entire digital lifestyle with them. The Gogo 4G landing page announces Gogo’s upcoming 4G system in an interactive, storytelling format. It uses HTML5 video for an enhanced user experience and SVG animation for a smaller file size that loads quickly. Experience the Gogo 4G landing page.