The Creative Alliance Retained by Activate Workforce Solutions

by The Creative Alliance

We’re pleased to announce that The Creative Alliance has been hired by Activate Workforce Solutions, PBC, of Denver for website design, digital marketing, branding direction and video storytelling.

Activate helps Denver-area businesses discover, retain, and develop motivated and loyal talent in hard-to-fill and high-turnover jobs. As a human-centered recruitment and placement firm for low-to-middle skill employees, their simple approach is to be the most selective and supportive recruitment firm, so that every Activate placement has the greatest likelihood of long-term success.

Activate accomplishes their mission by:

  1. Sourcing from trusted Denver-area workforce programs like Mile High Workshop, Upstream Impact, Cross Purpose, the Women’s Bean Project, and Bud’s Warehouse;
  2. Screening for character and motivation as well as skill set; and
  3. Supporting employee candidates after placement through regular on-site check-ins, personal development plans, and referrals to wrap-around services when appropriate.

“Activate is crucial! As one of a growing number of public-benefit corporations in Colorado, they serve our community on multiple levels,” according to TCA Account Manager, Ace Van Wanseele. “They are a private solution to an endemic social concern.”