Making Time Stand Still

by David Heitman

A new ad campaign for our aviation client Tempus Aircraft Sales and Service leverages a topic that all business people can relate to: Time.

Tempus 2-Page Ad

With the company’s name (Tempus is Latin for “time”) as the inspiration, we are developing a series of ads that address the theme of time as it relates to private air travel. Tempus’s audience of business leaders, high net worth individuals and other VIPs are being reached in this campaign of ads appearing in aviation and other industry publications as well as trade show guides.

“We’re grateful that our client entrusted us not just with an ad campaign, but the re-definition of their brand,” said Creative Director David Heitman. “They also allowed us to take a high level, creative approach with minimal text. That is often the secret to a great ad, and being sure people actually read it.”