TCA’s Design Work for Client Global Aerospace Featured in June GD USA Magazine

by David Heitman

We’re excited to announce that the four-poster series we designed for our client Global Aerospace, Inc., was featured in the June issue of GD USA Magazine.

“We’re pleased to be recognized in this prestigious publication for our work,” said David Heitman, TCA president.

The posters promote Global Aerospace’s aviation safety program using a 1960s-era movie poster style. The dynamic color scheme, bold visuals and rugged typography were given a modern twist, and all four posters leverage the theme of a chess match—an apt metaphor for the strategic and tactical challenges that flight departments face in keeping safety as a top priority.

This set of dynamic and engaging posters promotes the four pillars of Global Aerospace’s SM4 Safety Program: Planning, Prevention, Response and Recovery.

The number of requests exceeded the first printing and netted Global Aerospace some great PR in the aviation trade media.

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