Turning a Small Company into a Major Business Contender

by The Creative Alliance

After a decade of providing data storage, analytics and business intelligence, Khai Huynh approached us with a vision to be a major force in his industry.

As the founder and CEO of Inode Ink, he had unique opportunities and challenges as a Minority-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) with 8(a) certification. Working on proposals for government contracts took a tremendous amount of time, and once landed, the business was consumed by the work. Hence, his business saw dramatic peaks and valleys without a steady cash flow. And, to win these contracts took time away from pursuing a steadier stream of commercial business.

We met and developed a strategic marketing plan, called a MAP. We discovered that Inode Ink had a strong value proposition as only a few IT consulting firms were providing both exceptional technical experience and outstanding client service. It was clear that Inode Ink needed a new brand and website to position them in the same class as their giant competitors, and win the big projects in both government and commercial sectors.

“Engineering data into innovative solutions” became their key message and mission, and today the business looks and sounds like a Fortune 1000 business. And this visionary leader’s future looks very bright.

Inode Ink