Services: What We Do

The Creative Alliance is a multi-discipline agency covering the entire spectrum of marketing services:

Strategic Planning

Planning is the key to making smart decisions and getting the best ROI from your marketing budget. Our proven planning process has saved our clients millions and earned them millions more. It gets everyone from top management to frontline sales team members on the same page with the marketing department.

Market Research

Good market research—whether primary or secondary—enhances understanding and identifies opportunities to improve communications, minimize risk and maximize marketing success. We use personal interviews, online surveys and focus groups with all levels of stakeholders in our clients’ businesses: customers, employees, strategic partners, and all levels of management. What emerges is an accurate 360-degree view of the environment and the marketing challenges ahead.


Brands are not just logos and taglines. They are belief systems … the collective perception of your total audience about your company or product. Brands are built when the right balance of uniqueness, frequency and consistency are achieved. While we have crafted numerous brands within a variety of industries, it ultimately depends on our clients to deliver the service and product quality to build the brand equity they desire.

Websites & Mobile

A website is almost always the most powerful tool that an organization has in communicating with its prospects and customers. It is where prospects perform their due diligence. Even when a personal reference is given, the first place the prospective customer goes to validate the recommendation is a company’s website. Through usability best practices, innovative design and multiple forms of engagement, we build dynamic websites that result in qualified leads across various devices.

Video & Multimedia

Video is the new lingua franca of the Internet, and is crucial to a well-rounded Internet strategy. A short video can tell a story that engages people in ways that words on a page simply can’t achieve. Video allows for a creative mix of sights, sounds, animations, live action and special effects that can tell your story. Video also has powerful SEO implications.


Perhaps no other area of marketing has experienced the changes that advertising has. Nevertheless, we believe that advertising, properly placed and sufficiently creative, is capable of building sustained name recognition, creating interest, and crafting a sense of personality about a company and its brand.

Public & Media Relations

Connecting with customers and stakeholders through non-advertising methods is an extremely effective way to build a brand and connect with an audience. With one full-time PR expert on staff, we have invested heavily in technology and list building tools to help our clients reach the key editors, reporters, bloggers and analysts within their respective industries.

Marketing Automation & Digital Advertising

Our clients receive the right combination of digital marketing efforts strategically implemented across campaigns that are measurable for clear definition of your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

We work with clients to achieve the benefits and mitigate the risks of marketing via social media. Not all social media venues make sense for all companies. We help our clients evaluate the best opportunities, execute well within those spaces and monitor for response.

Search Engine Optimization

To drive more and better traffic to our clients’ websites from search engine results, we employ the keyword strategy, coding structure and development best practices that maximize SEO. We also help our clients improve SEO through tactical efforts like blogging, PR and other tools that feed into Google’s PageRank™ algorithm.


Reaching an audience when not at home or the office or when not on their computers is a crucial component to building a brand and staying top of mind with customers. Whether using arresting billboards, transit advertising, special events and promotions or mobile-friendly web interactions, the key to marketing success is about being where the
customer is.

Sales Support

We help our clients produce the perfect sales support tools—printed and electronic brochures, emails, videos, microsites and landing pages—for each stage of customer engagement, from initial introduction, to ongoing support through the entire sales cycle. Through the use of unique landing pages, variable print-on-demand technology and intelligent versioning, we believe in making marketing communications as uniquely tailored to the individual recipient as possible. We also understand that major purchases and contracts require the approval of multiple decision-makers. We often create separate versions of sales tools that address the unique interests and priorities of technical personnel, management and C-suite executives.