Inada Introduces Enhanced DreamWave

by David Heitman

We’re excited about the big news from our client Inada USA this week — the introduction of the new DreamWave™ massage chair. Like the industry-leading product it replaces, the new DreamWave offers a transcendent, immersive massage experience unparalleled by any other massage chair.

The new DreamWave is similar in appearance to the previous generation Sogno DreamWave, retaining its award-winning design and legendary Japanese manufacturing quality. And while “Sogno” is being dropped from the new product name, many new features and improvements have been added—more than 25 enhancements and changes.

The new DreamWave now includes 16 preprogrammed sessions, the most of any massage chair on the market, including “Deep Relaxation” sessions designed to take the total body massage experience to a new level. It also includes consecutive session capabilities for greater personalization and relaxation, with up to 30 minutes of continuous massage.

Users will enjoy infrared lumbar and seat heating capabilities, broader massage coverage of the forearms and biceps and Inada’s proprietary DreamWave motion—a sublime, rotational motion of the seat that relaxes the spine and hips.

TCA showcased the new DreamWave in this video.