Far Out Animation Leveraged to Promote The PhoCusWright Conference

by David Heitman

We recently took on a pretty unique challenge from our client PhoCusWright, the world’s leading travel industry research authority and conference host. The challenge? To develop a super-creative interpretation for their 2013 conference theme, “Cult of Context.”

“This was an exciting opportunity to help PhoCusWright illustrate the dynamic, yet abstract nature of ‘context’ and the provocative nature of the word ‘cult,’” said David Heitman, TCA president and creative director. “The word ‘cult’ required the most positive interpretation possible, while reflecting some of its intensity and edginess.”

We developed and presented four completely different concepts for the conference’s marketing. PhoCusWright selected a zooming fractals design as a creative solution, based on its infinitely complex, never-ending, data-driven patternization. Big props to our graphic designer, Madison Stack, who figured out how to generate the custom fractals so we could control the design and color palette. The fractal design elements will be used across a wide spectrum of animated and static applications, from a smartphone app to massive wide-screen video sequences.

“This is a long-term partnership, seven years in the making, that challenges us to develop compelling and creative visual interpretations,” Client Services Manager Kate Rubsamen said. “PhoCusWright expects us to top the previous year’s creative, and so far, every year, we’ve been able to deliver.”

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