Good Enough vs. Really Good

by David Heitman

We just wrapped up a couple days in the studio shooting photos and video for our client Positive Posture. I never cease to be amazed by the power of being able to reverse engineer a client’s vision for a project like this. The planning of every word of the script, every detail of every shot and then working with a great team like Dan Knudson Productions and the modeling and narrative talent we hired to bring it all to fruition.

Positive Posture Shoot

In today’s rushed, YouTube-quality, good-enough media culture, it’s impressive to see what taking the time (and money) to do things right can really achieve. For sure, there is a place for a quick, point-and-shoot modality. (It is possible to overproduce something if your audience is prone to more informal engagement.) But when it’s time to demonstrate quality, professionalism and industry leadership, there are no shortcuts. Companies willing to invest in setting themselves apart from the competition end up…well, setting themselves apart from the competition.

It was interesting to watch, as in the shoot took place over the last two days, how everyone had something crucial to contribute, seeing things that others missed, and how even last-mutes changes and critiques ended up yielding a superior result. For example, our amazing on-screen talent, Tia Marlier, as she read her lines on camera was able to make suggestions and add nuance we couldn’t have scripted. Allen Wheeler, our lead client contact at Positive Posture, whose vision the project was all about, was able to provide great observations throughout the shoot that made for a better final result.

We learned a long time ago to drop our guard and be really open to any suggestion. The creative doesn’t have to all come from us.

A good idea is a good idea.