The Creative Alliance Retained by Inada USA for Integrated Marketing Services

by David Heitman

We’re excited to announce that The Creative Alliance has been retained by Inada USA, the exclusive U.S. distributor for Inada massage chair products, including the Sogno DreamWave chair, The World’s Best Massage ChairTM. We will be providing a full range of integrated marketing services including advertising, website development, public relations and social media for Inada USA.

“It is an honor to represent a product that is truly unrivaled in its quality and therapeutic effects,” said David Heitman, president of The Creative Alliance. “Inada massage chairs go beyond setting the standard for other products on the market. They are truly in a category of their own.”

An increasing number of Americans now turn to massage as a source of relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief. The Inada product line enables people to enjoy a high-quality, customized massage experience every day, anytime, in their own homes.

Over 50 years of massage chair innovation and decades of research into the ancient art of Shiatsu techniques are infused into every Inada massage chair— a pedigree and quality unmatched by any other massage chair on the market.

“At Inada USA, we have an unrelenting commitment to product quality and service excellence that exceeds our customers’ expectations,” said Inada USA president Cliff Levin. “Our selection of The Creative Alliance as the agency to tell our story was based on their equally passionate commitment to excellence in marketing.”

About Inada USA

Inada USA distributes therapeutic massage chairs through an exclusive relationship with the Family Inada, Inc., Osaka, Japan. Inada massage chairs combine Shiatsu master massage movements with state-of-the-art Japanese engineering ingenuity. Utilizing a patented auto-sensing, auto-adjusting digital technology, the chairs have been recognized around the world for innovative design and exceptional product quality. Inada massage chairs offer the industry’s most comprehensive massage chair warranty available. Inada massage chairs are available at Relax the Back stores, as well as other authorized dealers in the U.S. The chairs can be found on and other online stores. To learn more, visit