TCA Marketing Automation Programs Designed to Find, Qualify and Nurture Leads

by David Heitman

TCA has recently launched several marketing automation campaigns for our clients. Also known as lead generation programs, marketing automation can take several forms including HTML emails, landing pages and drip campaigns.

“Lead generation tools allow companies to close the loop on leads without investing in more staff,” said Jodee Goodwin, TCA’s creative services manager. “We’ve designed successful campaigns for several of our clients, in both the B2B and B2C spaces.”

Marketing automation software such as Pardot or ActOn can turn site visitors into customers by using engagement tools that capture personal data and then nurturing the lead through automated email programs. The programs allow companies to segment their communications to users’ interests without a lot of manual intervention.

Drip campaigns automate email communications based on the phases of purchase: education, narrowing options and then picking a company to purchase from.

“These campaigns can be either move people quickly to a purchase or simply be fun, conversational and have a personality,” Jodee said.

Marketing automation allows companies to see which campaigns are working and which aren’t. It also pulls all of the marketing efforts under one platform with robust, easy-to-view statistics.

“We determined strategically that it was in our clients’ best interests for us to introduce them to marketing automation, and then equip them to be as self-sufficient as possible in using this impressive technology,” said TCA’s CEO T Taylor. “Once a marketing automation program is in place, it creates repeat sales, new sales and loyal customers.”







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